Famous "Nanie"

Famous "Nanie"
Elena featured in the kid section of the Mayfair LoveSac store.

Recently, LoveSac has been going through some changes. All of the stores are being revamped to better organize the product. The above image shows the kids and pets section at the Mayfair LoveSac store. The products featured are (from right to left, top to bottom): KidSac, GamerSac, BratPad, PetPad, MediaPad and DawgPad. The poster on the right is of Lanie in her princess costume with the headline: "Kids LoveSac". (See below). On the left is a poster of Lassie trying to wake Timmy, who is sleeping in a Sac, with the headline: "Pets LoveSac".


Nora said...

You need to get us all a copy of Lanie's LoveSac picture.

Benjamin B. Clark said...

I have been bugging my brother to send me a full size one to frame and put in the play room for Lanie. Maybe I will have small prints made to give out for Christmas. Good idea!