Christmas Confusion

Love Comes in Chocolate
This is the 5'x5' poster hanging in the front window of each of our 25 locations. It changes to a new theme each holiday season. I will post some of the best past designs soon.

Merry (early!) Christmas. It's a change of pace designing for retail. Campaigns are designed so early that it seems to play tricks on my mind at times. So with the Christmas campaign designed, printed and up in all of the LoveSac stores as of November 3rd, I am already planning the photo shoot for Valentine's Day. It almost feels like Christmas is over. To add to the "Christmas Confusion", Shawn passed out our company Christmas gifts today. He wanted to be there to see us get them because he leaves for his Frontline Tour tonight. Anyone interested in getting some LoveSac gear should check out that link. He is giving away a $50 gift card to the first few people that visit him in each store location of the tour.

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Nora said...

Don't worry, consumers get confused, too, when they see Christmas stuff in the stores before Thanksgiving!