Flying Bird Treehouse, Inc.

Flying Bird Treehouse, Inc.
Logo, Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope

Flying Bird Treehouse, Inc. creates handmade, antique-looking birdhouses. I based the design of their identity on a whimsical poem and gave the entire piece an aged look by deconstructing the logo and adding some warmth to the blue sky. The words of the poem trail the bird like wind and bring life to this monochromatic piece.

Forisha MedSpa from my Portfolio

Forisha MedSpa
Logo, Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope

Forisha MedSpa had a challenging problem trying to illustrate the difference between their spa and that of the competition. They specialize in the medical aspect of their spa and wanted to visually communicate this “clinical” dynamic. In direct contrast to this, they also wanted to show the “organic” nature of the business. I built the logo using clinical elements, added texture to represent the organic aspect and used earth tones to unify the contrasting looks.

Other Comfy Stuff by LoveSac

LoveSac is designing a stuffed animal puppy that will be available for purchase sometime early next year.

Other Comfy Stuff is a line of pillows, blankets, slippers and a few other things that will be available for purchase early next year. Above is a sample of what the OCS campaign art will look like. This piece of art is a 4"x4" hang tag cut in a diamond shape. There are about six different products in the line, a few also come in a variety of fabrics.

Show Her Some Love

Rock Her Socks Off
The new Valentine's Day theme

I just finished the Valentine's Day art. We ran out of time to squeeze in a photo shoot so, like Christmas, we are relying on a design-centered look. I used a few stock graphics this time to help meet the deadline but you probably wouldn't recognize anything I used. Everything was modified to some extent. The "Rock Her Socks Off" theme is referring to three packages that we are offering this promotion— the PillowSac Rocker with three custom covers to choose from. They will be available around the first week of January.