Kung Fu Lanie

Kung Fu Lanie
This is one of the posters that will be featured in the fake LoveSac store. It measures 5'x5'.

I just received an email today that mentioned Lanie's LoveSac picture may possibly be in a new Jackie Chan movie. The scene is in a mall in Albuquerque, NM. Jackie Chan will be running by a LoveSac storefront in search for a little girl who has been kidnapped. I was instructed to blow Lanie's picture up to 5'x5' and have it printed for that scene. Exciting!

Ready for a Blondie

My favorite dessert. Will Kara make it?

Today I turn 31! I am pretty happy with what I have accomplished in my life so far. I have a wonderful family and a great career. It has been a long, insightful journey getting to this point. I am finally starting to feel like I have figured out my place in the world. I'm looking forward to writing and finishing the guidelines of LoveSac's brand bible, which is a direct mirror image of my style.

My personal expectations for the next year are: to create a website, store and blog based on my personal designs; to be more settled in my own home (maybe selling our CA house and buying one here); to have a second child; to be a part of the church we are attending; to have a closer relationship with God; to get back into playing my bass (maybe on the church worship team); to find a regular group of friends to play cards; to be a better person overall and to make lots of new, close friends.

So last night I was looking for a cheesecake recipe, cause I love cheesecake and I was hoping I could get Kara to make one for my birthday tonight. I stumbled onto a picture of Applebee's Blondie dessert. All of a sudden, I remembered how much I love that maple butter topping. So I emailed Kara the receipe for it in hopes that it will be ready for me when I get home. I will let you know if I was successful in persuading her.

Famous "Nanie"

Famous "Nanie"
Elena featured in the kid section of the Mayfair LoveSac store.

Recently, LoveSac has been going through some changes. All of the stores are being revamped to better organize the product. The above image shows the kids and pets section at the Mayfair LoveSac store. The products featured are (from right to left, top to bottom): KidSac, GamerSac, BratPad, PetPad, MediaPad and DawgPad. The poster on the right is of Lanie in her princess costume with the headline: "Kids LoveSac". (See below). On the left is a poster of Lassie trying to wake Timmy, who is sleeping in a Sac, with the headline: "Pets LoveSac".

Eskimo Phur KidSac

Kids LoveSac
Elena Marlene Clark as a fairy princess

During the "Dad's and Grad's" photo shoot last spring, we took some time to shoot a few stock photos. One of the stock concepts incorporated Lanie, my daughter, dressed up as a princess. I mean fairy. Hmmm... maybe a little of both? We posed her in an Eskimo Phur KidSac. She was a little shy at first, but got the hang of it once Shawn started to dance like a monkey. Soon she was using her "magic" wand to shoot pixy dust at him. This 24"x36" poster is hanging in 5 or 6 stores right now, as part of the new store concept, and will be in another 2 or 3 by the end of the year. At some point Lanie will be in every LoveSac store as permanent art. Isn't she so cute?

John Stossel on Graphic Design

John Stossel on Graphic Design


Alain Ackerman as "The Fried Gamer."

I stumbled upon our summer window poster today, so I thought I would post it. The summer promotion was for our new GamerSac called "FarmerTan". Since it was summer, it was only fitting to give a skinny nerd a nasty sunburn. The story was something about a gamer going outside for the first time, mid-summer, for just a few minutes and getting totally fried. Then, in serious pain, he goes back to his game play on our Black and Tan GamerSac Package. Alain Ackerman modeled for us and was a great sport. We made him strip down to his underwear, duct taping his underwear hole (of course), then painted him for 2 hours in makeup. We owe Alain's look to the awesome makeup artist, Debbie, and the wizard-behind-the-curtain photographer, Roger Hagadone.

The package is still available for a limited time here and comes with a SpeakerSac. They are set at a $199 blow-out price to make room for the Christmas packages that will be in stores today. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING on everything for a limited time.

Christmas Confusion

Love Comes in Chocolate
This is the 5'x5' poster hanging in the front window of each of our 25 locations. It changes to a new theme each holiday season. I will post some of the best past designs soon.

Merry (early!) Christmas. It's a change of pace designing for retail. Campaigns are designed so early that it seems to play tricks on my mind at times. So with the Christmas campaign designed, printed and up in all of the LoveSac stores as of November 3rd, I am already planning the photo shoot for Valentine's Day. It almost feels like Christmas is over. To add to the "Christmas Confusion", Shawn passed out our company Christmas gifts today. He wanted to be there to see us get them because he leaves for his Frontline Tour tonight. Anyone interested in getting some LoveSac gear should check out that link. He is giving away a $50 gift card to the first few people that visit him in each store location of the tour.

T-Shirt Designs

I have been trying to figure out what my first post on my new blog would be all day. I finally figured it out. V2W.com is no longer running and I didn't receive my last commission check nor the $500 for winning their final battle. I figure they don't own the rights to my shirts anymore because they didn't hold up their end of the contract. I am posting all the shirts I designed and posted at V2W.com. I would like to find someone to print these for me. Does anyone know of an inexpensive screen printer? I would love to figure out a way to sell them. Let me know if you would like one and what size and I will do some research.

I designed this for V2W.com and won first place but did not receive payment.

Buffalo Wings
Just a fun design. I almost missed the design deadline and had to design this one in about 30 min.

I really like the way this one came out. It didn't win but got honorable mention. I have a print of it but the shirt was a little too bright. The next round will be closer to a navy blue.

Aligned For Nanie
This is my favorite shirt. I designed this around the same time my daughter, Lanie, started calling herself Nanie. This is the only other shirt I designed that didn't win or get honorable mention. I'm sure it was because it didn't mean anything to anybody.

Break'n Oldskool
This was a tribute to my break'n days. I actually created my first campaign for LoveSac in this style for the LoveSac Theatre but the theatre owners thought it was too young for their audience so we ended up redesigning the campaign. This shirt also received honorable mention.

SD Roots
This was the first shirt I submitted to V2W. It won first place and sold more copies than any of the other shirts I designed. I started the design while I was teaching at Coleman College. They had a contest for Comic-Con in San Diego. The shirt that won would be produced by Coleman to help advertise the school at Comic-Con. They changed the rules last minute adding that only students could submit. So I decided to change the theme up and submit it to V2W instead. Glad I did.