The LoveSac Bus

The LoveSac Bus
The new LoveSac Bus design, just minutes after they completed it.

Check out the design of the new LoveSac Bus. Originally, I had until sometime in January to have it designed, but that all changed on Wednesday, December 24th. Yep, Christmas Eve. Shawn called and asked me if I could finish the bus by 10am Monday morning because he decided he wanted the new design for a series of events- CES Blogger Party, Sundance Film Festival, Winter XGames and the Superbowl. Normally, this would not have been a problem, but I was planning on spending the weekend in New Hampshire visiting family. If I went I would have been locked in a room the entire time working. Plus, my suitcase was still missing from my San Fran/San Diego trip that got me home on Tuesday morning. So, I stayed home to work and wait for my suitcase's arrival. The finished bus wrap is the end result of my Christmas week labor.


Nora said...

Groovy bus! Too bad we didn't see it when we were in Utah.

Benjamin B. Clark said...

Yea... that would have been cool. When it gets here sometime after the Super Bowl, I am going to get some better pictures of it. Then I will post them.

Melanie said...

Flippin' sweet!